We are "The Warsong: LARP Brisbane",  a Pre 1600 Medieval Fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Playing) group based in Brisbane, QLD.

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones or Vikings and thought, "I want to do that"? Well, consider the Warsong your new home. Come dressed in some basic medieval garb and start your story within the world of Neolysium. You can play whoever you want to, a strong swordsman, divine healer, a powerful mage, a knowledgeable traveler. If you can imagine it, you can do it. 


We use foam, rubber and latex weapons to simulate combat in a safe, but immersive manner. The vast range of weaponry available to LARPers means you can do almost anything. Archery, swords, staves, clubs, spears and halberds are just some of the weapons we employ at The Warsong.


The Warsong runs weekly events on Thursday evenings at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds and Day events once every two months at various locations. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for any or all details on upcoming events 


We hope to see you soon, at The Warsong: LARP Brisbane. 

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