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The Warsong are connected to a vast network of seamstresses and tailors, leatherworkers, costume designers and photographers who we highly recommend. Find below some insperation to get you started.

Dark Wolf Designs

Custom Weapons Manufacturer

Dark Wolf Designs is an artist specialising in custom hand made and unique weapons and props for larp and cosplay.

Big Fork Theatre

Improv Group

Big Fork Theatre runs weekly improv and sketch comedy shows in Brisbane, as well as classes and jams. Big Fork have also offered roleplay classes to Warsingers at our annual Training Day. Subscribe to their events tab to keep up with the comedy!

Kreature FX & Makeup

SFX Makeup Artist

Kreature FX & Makeup are an incredibly talented, award winning team of Special FX Makeup Artists who have helped to create some of our amazing creatures and NPCs at Warsong. 

Brisbane Swords

Historical European Martial Arts

A sword school on the southside of Brisbane with focus on medieval sword and longsword, renaissance rapier and other HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts). James has attended many Warsong events to teach our LARPers how to swing their swords with control and finesse.

Elysian Forge

LARP Weapons Manufacturers

Elysian Forge are the creators of the first curved core LARP weapons.
Anthony and Steve share a passion for history and swords. Both were members of Canberra's dark ages reenactment group, the Ancient Arts Fellowship (though not at the same time), and are now members of Canberra's LARP groups The Hundred Swords and Wargrounds.

Make Your Own Medieval

Armour and Costuming Vendor

Make Your Own Medieval is a family run business located in Brisbane, Australia.

We believe in encouraging creativity in Medieval / Historical Re-enactment, LARPing, cosplay and costuming. We sell completed products as well as the materials you need to customise them and make them your own.

Strobe et Fleur

Makeup and Creature Effects Artist

Strobe et Fleur creates amazing creature effects for LARP, stage and film. She is professional, courteous and has an incredible eye for detail and what helps a character come to life. 

Curveball Productions

Photographer and Videographer

Bringing you geeky, bizarre, fun, professional, weird & catchy video & film productions since 2015. Having been intricately involved in film, television, live broadcasting, theater and internet productions, I have a passion for this industry that is unparalleled. I offer creative, enthusiastic, professional and polished services with a determination for speedy delivery and open communication.

Videography & Photography Quotes available now!

The Hero Studio

LARP and Cosplay Supplies

The Hero Studio is here for all your costuming and cosplay needs, from popular construction materials to reference books, and everything in between!


Weapons, Armour, Clothing and Accessories

Mytholon are a german based company stocking a fantastic range of costuming and armour, as well as Eysenwall, Calimacil and Palnatoke LARP Weaponry. They also stock a range of HK Larp safe props. 


Weapons, Armour, Clothing and Accessories

Calimacil are a manufacturer of high quality foam weapons for LARPing. They make LARP swords, axes, maces, hammers, pole weapons and much more. They also offer a large selection of armors and accessories.


Weapons, Armour, Clothing and Accessories

Esford are proud to present authentically crafted items including swords, daggers, helmets, maille, armour and various accessories that span many eras and interests. They are the Brisbane stockists for Epic Armoury and Eagle Flex Weaponry. Esford trade from their warehouse in Archerfield. Please contact them to arrange an appointment

a&a Images

Local Photographers

a&a Images is a collaboration between Brisbane photographers; Ash Heard and Amy-Rose Lawson. 
Why have one photographer when you can have two for the same price? Their photo styles expand across all aspects of photography, specialising in portrait and wedding photography. The Warsong have been lucky enough to have these amazing photographers attend our events, and many of the images featured on this website are their work

The War Factory

Local Armourer

The War Factory is a local armour smith who creates some incredible custom pieces. You'll see much of his work on field at Warsong Events. Contact him for beautiful, one of a kind work made specifically for you. 

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