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In the beginning, there was Elysium. A lush paradise filled to the brim with magical Elysian Crystals. A place where mages could feel their very blood pulse with renewed magical strength. It seemed to just appear from nowhere and warbands from all over the world flocked to it to battle it out for their own piece of paradise, or to conquer this heaven for themselves.

There were 3 victors in the end, forming an alliance who would rename the island "Venenium", or "Land of Poison". They erected barriers powered by Elysian Crystals which kept the other warbands out, and kept them safe from the Clay Golems and Warriors that began assaulting them on all fronts. All other warbands vacated in their own way. For five years the three victors tried to peacefully rule the land, but supplies were short and times were hard. Until it happened.

The very ground began to shake beneath their feet and new land rose out of the ocean around them as far as the eye could see. Impossibly beautiful land with trees, mountains, swamps and grasslands, as though it had been in suspended animation under the sea this entire time. This "Neolysium" brimmed with life, magic and danger.


The returning warbands learned of the Elysian Barrier technology and erected their own, keeping their people safe from the ever growing threat of the Clay. They continued fighting to claim the powerful Elysian Crystals to power their barriers, use in experiments and provide them with powerful and unique advantages on the battlefield. 

Just when it seemed the fighting would get too much, our adventurers were visited by six powerful beings calling themselves Masters. These Masters wanted to teach them about the world they live in and could offer them great power for studying under their school.

There was Lyssa, Master of Flora. A forest spirit who had been around since the Elysian days, who made Kobalds - powerful creatures with an animalistic side - and claimed to have created Elysium itself. She needed their help solving her own problem, and was willing to teach all she knew of the ways of Flora and healing.

Orid the Warden, Master of Death and Rebirth. A reaper who lived in the Inter - a place between life and death. He needed the help of his students to solve a particular puzzle and was willing to teach students about the afterlife and possibly how to beat it.

Captain Morgan Freeman, Master of Terrain. He was well travelled, almost too well travelled. And old. Almost too old to be believed. But he knew much of the terrain of the different continents in the world, and his specialty was Neolysian terrain. In exchange for the students help with his problem, he would teach them much about how to use the terrain to their advantage.

Ophidia, Demigoddess and Master of Crystals. She had been on Elysium since it appeared but had no memory before that. She believed she was created to protect the crystals and guide students to use them properly. In exchange for their help, she promised to do just that.

Lieutenant General Nuala Dorrick, Master of Battle Prowess. A winged battle angel, no one quite knew where she had come from but she was formidable when it came to the tactics of battle. She would have her students prove themselves before teaching them about how to turn the tide of battle in their favour, and perhaps more about her strange origins. 

Then there was Mestipen. And then there wasn't... Mestipen had been the mysterious Master of Creatures and had appeared at many battles, often with captured creatures in tow. He mysteriously disappeared after a battle and no one seems to know where he went. Will he return? Or will someone new rise to take his place?

The Warbands now fight for crystals to help serve their chosen school masters. Will they choose just one? Will they try to complete all the schools against all odds? Who are these mysterious Masters and why are they so willing to teach the Warbands? Find out by singing your own Warsong!

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