The Warsong: LARP Brisbane is an inclusive community and welcomes people from all walks of life.
Before attending your first night, please read over the below information before reading over our rulebook


To participate in a Warsong event, participants must be 18+ in order to play.

When you first attend, we will have you sign a waiver and attend new player training. For your first two events you will be assigned to The Grey, the nomadic warband designed specifically for new players. Here you will learn about the game in action while being guided safely by our marshals and Grey Leader. Once you have found your feet, you are encouraged to find a home among one of our warbands. Check the facebook group or our Warband page for details. 

Medieval garb and Costuming standards

We do not expect you to have an amazing costume and a full set of armour on your first night but we do ask that new new players try to dress in a medieval way. This includes...

-Plain, covered in shoes (for health and safety reasons)

-Plain colored cothing (black, brown, grey)

-Free of logos or prints

-No jeans

If you need some inspiration, browse through our photos to see what the standard is like. We have a great community of crafters, so if you're not inclined to make your own costume, you're sure to find someone who can make it for you. Check out our Useful Links for access to a range of crafters and weaponsmiths who can help you build your dream character.

Most importantly, we encourage all our new players to determine which Warband they'd like to run with before they start getting serious about spending money on costuming and armour. LARP can be an expensive hobby!


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