Our illustrious School Masters help to teach the warbands about the happenings in Neolysium and their place within it. Contact a School Master to join a school and find your warband rewarded with knowledge and other interesting perks.


School of Creatures

I have business with the man you know as Mestipen. That business is my own. But if you can help me find him or his trail, you will make this worth my time.
Until then, this Creature School is mine and I will make sure any students that put in the work will be proven to be masters of Neolysium's beasts, whether that is taming and caring or hunting and trapping them. One of my favourite talismans will give you the ability to bait monsters and creatures small and large to draw them out where you want them. If you want to learn from a real Master of Creatures, seek me out.

Lieutenant General Nuala Dorrick

School of Battle Prowess

I come from a land of seemingly eternal war, where the most ferocious warriors are forged in the fires of battle. I have travelled far in search of noble recruits and soldiers, hoping that someone, somewhere, might prove themselves worthy to fight with me. 
A small few of you have already joined my ranks, already proven that they have the courage to stand and fight. There are many great warbands here on this land, some you will fight alongside as friends, and against others as foes. For those who rise to the challenge, I would see fit to aid you with one of one of my own amulets. As you know, I covet honourable fights, however it would be foolish and naive to assume others would not stoop to cowardly levels to obtain the upper hand. As such, my amulet provides a deterrent to acts of such disgrace. If you are slain in a less-than-honourable situation, such as in town by a spineless worm, my amulet will grant you the ability to avenge yourself, and you may drag that craven to death with you.
So, if you can take up arms, and pledge to fight honourably, join my ranks, and be prepared for the oncoming battles - or be left behind..

Orid The Warden

School of Death and Rebirth

Imprisoned by my previous employer, I was freed at the hands of you mortal beings, and set free in your world. Now I wish to disrupt the natural order of things and make those that incarcerated me pay dearly for their hypocritical agenda. Prove to me you have the intelligence and mental fortitude to uncover the very truth about your mortal coil and perhaps we can figure out how to break the chains that bind me, and delay that which inevitably comes for you all: Death. One of the way I can help you is by procuring you a tool from the Inter used by the Reapers, an amulet that takes the life of mortals quick and cleanly. If you think you have the intellect involved, then you should find me and show me you aren’t just a simple meat sack.


School of Flora

Throughout my time on this plane, as I meet all you new travellers around me, the sense of family among members of a warband is one of the strongest and pure forces I have ever seen. In every warband, there is a sense of loyalty, of trust. Everyone has value, everyone has a place, and that gives everyone a purpose. 
The most valuable member of any warband is their healer. Without them, your fighters will be slain and dragged off to the Inter, time and time again. But who, prey tell, heals the healers? ... I may have a means to create an amulet, allowing a healer to use their craft on themselves. This, of course, will not be given away haphazardly. There will be ... requirements ... to earn favour.
This evening, I require your assistance with a task: to gather knowledge of a recent happening that I have only heard rumours of; the appearance of a Crystal Tree. If you have knowledge on this mystical flora, seek me out. I will be very grateful.

Captain Freeman

School of Terrain

I’ve been all over this weird shaped world of ours in my three hundred years or so of drinking the finest alcohols I could get my hands on. I’ve found tribes with strange beliefs and civilizations without them. I’ve found artifacts that could kill a giant or grant life to those smart enough to use them properly. I’ve discovered the fastest and most accurate ways of getting around, and how to avoid those land falls and pit traps that seem to take those that attempt to veer of the beaten path. I’ve had children and out lived them, but I can only seem to extend my life span in brief segments. I wish to earn that which we all would seek if we knew to look for it: Immortality. Help me in my quest and I can teach you the secrets I’ve learns about travel in my vast pilgrimage. Like an amulet I found that powers the body, making it much tougher, able to take a solid strike to the chest and carry on simply by being in sight of a water source. Help me so that Immortality will be min, and I will teach you the skills and give you the tools so that you may seek it out yourself.


School of Crystal Research

I hear a voice inside my head. It tells me about the power of crystals and tells me what I need to do. But I do not know who - or what - it is. I need the help of students who follow my path to find out what it is and what its intent is. I am not so naive to believe that hearing a voice is always a good thing... but I cannot seem to discover its origin on my own.
In return I can offer my students great powers that will surely help them to better channel their magic through the Crystals. One of the ways I can help is by crafting a magical amulet that has the power to reflect magic back at the mage who cast it, and possibly even the caster's allies. Please help me in my quest!

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