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Games Day Recap: Monster hunt

May 23, 2018

The newly discovered land of Elysium had begun to see some settlers. A small settlement was erected in the wilds called Dead Pines Crossing. There was a mayor, a tavern, a blacksmith, a drunk and a few other locals. One even calling himself a God who wielded a mighty weapon claiming able to grant the power of the ‘Rune Warrior’ to one very special person. The settlement became a target for some bandits, and later a pack of werewolves with a Kobald hiding amongst them. There was also a mysterious Ent lurking in the nearby forest. People were called from all over to come and try and deal with these threats, but they also became embroiled in a feud that happened between two occupants of the settlement. The black smith, and the monster hunter, a forest elf known as Lyra, seemed to have it out for each other.

The monster hunt lasted quite a while, but eventually the bandits were driven off. The Ent had been slain by Ironclaw. The Fates had been able to dispatch the werewolves with their newly acquired silver weaponry the black smith had made for them. The town drunk was revealed to be a powerful monster summoner who raised all his creatures to attack the town in one final attempt to take over. Banding together the warbands were able to repel this siege and keep the resident of Dead Pines Crossing safe. However, in the confusion it seemed Lyra, our Forest elf monster hunter, was poised with a coral mixture and succumbed to the toxin.

The warbands left the settlement of Dead Pines Crossing a much safer place than they had found it but took with them a lot of battle scars that wouldn’t soon heal.



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