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Games day recap: The Corruption:

May 31, 2018

The Battle for Elysium was barely under way. Some warbands had staked out a claim on land, while others fought for their chance to put themselves on the map. However, a series of strange ‘nature’ Shrines began to pop up around the place. These Shrines were clearly an offering to some form of deity. The Ironclaw took issue with these shrines claiming them to be worshipping false gods and began desecrating each one they could find. It was then that The Kobalds showed themselves. Part humanoid, part animal these beings worshipped the forest spirit Lyssa and were very displeased with the treatment of their offering to her. They began to attack all those who would interfere with their shrines in any way. Several warbands pledged to help the Kobalds whereas others attempted to remove their shrines and fight off their advances.


Three travelling Magi also appeared offering wonderous


healing magics, along with two mysterious mages Festus and Romulus. They gave tasks to the warbands, and useful information on how to stop the Kobalds summoning their forest spirit into physical form. There were many tests of skill that day as the different warbands also faced off against each other.


Eventually the Kobalds were able to summon Lyssa into the body of a commoner, transforming her into a god who walked the very ground. They banded with the warbands who swore an oath to help cleanse their shrines and drove away any who would stand against them. Once this task was complete Lyssa informed the Kobalds that: they and only they, were her true children and to fully claim this land they must exterminate every human below them. And so, the betrayal began, as the Kobalds ripped apart all those that were not like them, and with Lyssa’s magic, none could stand up to their power.


Every warband banded together - minus those members who had succumbed to their inner Kobald and awakened a child of Lyssa - to try to drive this force from Elysium. Many an attempt resulted in the warbands’ defeat. They then sought the knowledge of Romulus and Festus. With strange artifacts, and a spell from a book older than anyone new, the warbands were able to brave the force of nature known as Lyssa and strike her down. The Kobalds were scattered in the attack or struck down where they stood. With the form of Lyssa taken out, and the surviving Kobalds in the wind, the players then performed an exorcism to try and save the woman Lyssa had possessed. Ripping Lyssa from this dying woman, they set her free to return to the forest and plot her revenge and made a permanent enemy of all those who refuse to awaken to the Kobald way.

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