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Games day Recap: Expedition

June 8, 2018

The warbands of Elysium travelled to the island off the south-east coast, determined to claim it for themselves. Sonnenland and Ironclaw fought relentlessly all day in that attempt. The Wrens pledged their service to Ironclaw, and Sonnenland cut a deal with the Grey and The Fates for their help.

There was a mysterious merchant who traded in Elysian crystals, who had also set up a small town. There was a town guard who seemed far more capable than their attitudes presented. There was a harpy with a broken wing selling fortunes, and we saw the first of the “Roaming Reapers”, death like creatures who scoured the battle fields harvesting the souls of the dead, this one had a particular distaste for those with healing magic.

Several Grey spent the day exploring the Isle, discovering treasures and secrets, while the Warbands clashed again and again.

As the battle grew on, Ironclaw had acquired three of the four plots of land, at which point it was revealed that the mysterious merchant held the last. Not wanting to see the island held by one force she sent her magically empowered Town Guards to help protect the last piece of land with the Sonnenland troop. Ironclaw amassed their forces, gaining the Wrens and a lone Wolf from Carpathia as allies. Throwing everything they had at Sonnenland. The town guards didn’t last long in the battle, but the roaming reaper began to exact his revenge against all the healers who kept him from claiming his souls. The grey held up their end of the bargain with Sonnenland, skirting the battlefield picking off anyone who tried to escape. The battle was fierce and eventually Ironclaw retreated. With the help of the Grey, Sonnenland pushed the advantage, and were able chase down the fleeing forces to claim victory, securing the whole island. However, the remaining Sonnenland forces, absent their leadership, betrayed the Grey and tried to claim the Island for themselves. The battle that was then fought did not go in their favour, and by the end, the Grey found themselves standing victorious. Claiming the land free from any one warband control, thus forever securing Grey Island.

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