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Games day recap: The hunt at Hannigan's Bluff

June 19, 2018



There was a call for help. Messages went out across the lands, spreading from notice board to delivery man to notice board, seeking anyone who could come to the aid of a silver mine not far from Elysium’s shores. A small hamlet in the snow-capped mountains in a not too distant land called Hannigan’s Bluff. Those that sought adventure, those that sought silver, those that sought to help the helpless and even those that sought to exploit them in their time of need traveled to this location with vigor and gusto.


However, the trip there was longer than expected, and most began to feel the fatigue of the travel weighing down upon them. This situation turned dire by the ambush our travelers encountered just as the settlement came into view. Beast men that were laying siege to the town turned on our weary group and assaulted them at every step. The warbands fought hard and defended themselves as best they could, loosing people here and there in a desperate attempt to make it to the hamlets entrance. Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, our warband made their way into the safety of the settlement walls, now becoming trapped like the very settlers they were there to help. Supplies were low and tempers were high, the owners of the silver mine quickly hiring anyone they could with their silver for protection. Others sought to explore the region and try to find a way to halt this beast man assault. From here things got very confused. The owners of the mine seemed to be plotting and scheming behind each other’s backs. An Ent was seen in a warded off section of landscape, making friends and enemies out of those that visited him. A giant rock creature erupted from the mines in an attempt to destroy those that had come, surviving several attacks with explosive black powder. Despite its terrifying power, and overall aggression it still managed to garner the nickname “Pebbles”.


In the end, The Fates and the lost absconded with a chest full of loot, the beast men were chased away, and pebbles was laid to rubble, while Sonnenland claimed the settlement as one of their outposts. Those that returned to Elysium all told vastly different stories from one another, and just what truly happened will remain a mystery to all those who didn’t witness it first hand.

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