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The Common Neolysium News Network (CNNN) presents: An Interview with an Orc, Grukaak.


Descal: Warring factions of Neolysium, today on the Common Neolysium News Network we'll be sitting down with the one and only Grukaak of the Ironclaw. An orc with a face so scary that he's been known to kill pale-skins with nothing but a raised eyebrow, combined of course with several stab wounds from a rusty blade. If you don't bleed out you may wish you had by the time the blood poisoning kicks in. Today on CNNN Grukaak has volunteered his time to come and share just what it's like to be the farseer of one of the most feared and powerful warbands to have claimed a spot among the lands of Neolysium.

We now go over to the best journalist we have in the field, Jalesk Ordius


Jalesk Ordius: Thank you Descal. I'm Jalesk and I'm joined now by the before mentioned Grukaak of Ironclaw.

I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. Welcome and, how are you?

Grukaak of Ironclaw: Well Jails, I have the power of Shatraug by my side, how can I be anything other than powerful?

J.O: How indeed. I'm curious, how long exactly have you been following the doctrines set down by the Orc god Shatraug?

Grukaak: What the crap is doctrines? Shatraug has always been. He created the world and as such I have always been with Shatraug. He is with all shamans and he showed me how to talk with the spirits.

J.O: That's fascinating, and as doctrines would be what we pale-skins as you call us would often consider to be rules. What to and what not to do. Does he demand anything of you or anyone else?

Grukaak: Bwahahaha Rules? No. We value strength. The gods speak to use and show us things but never command. We orcs rule ourselves

J.O: Well there certainly is an undeniable value to brute strength. I myself know what it's like being guided by a god. I wonder if you could describe yourself to our readers, it might help to try and imagine that you're talking to a blind person.

Grukaak: I am amazing to behold. Much more beautiful than Ujak. Imagine brown skin on the most muscular being you have ever seen. I am 170 though so my prime days are behind me and so is my hair. This scar on my face came from Dura. She is the other leader of Ironclaw next to me. Every piece of clothing and armour is from an enemy I have slain.

J.O: 170, well I must say that's quite impressive you don't look a day over forty. Are there any other interesting facts you'd like to share about yourself?

Grukaak: What do you want to know?

J.O: Oh it's not what i want to know, this is all for the people. Maybe you could tell us what exactly it means to be a farseer?

Grukaak: The Farseer is the spiritual leader of Ironclaw as well as the guiding hand to the other Shamans. In my case it is my title as a leader of Ironclaw. I can see and talk to spirits as well as invoke my powers to heal or curse. Want me to turn someone into a toad? I can gut them for a sacrifice if you want to see that hahah

J.O: I'll, uh, pass on that offer though i do appreciate it. Does Den mother Dura help you in these matters?

Grukaak: No. She takes care of the younglings. Sacrifices are done only by shamans

J.O: So, you don't have any internal dealings with her at all?

Grukaak: Of course. She is Den mother. Not only does she look after the younglings she is also the other leader of Ironclaw.

J.O: Looking after younglings that sounds like a tiresome task, but I'm sure she's more than up to the task. Speaking of younglings and the future I'd like to take a trip into the past. Do you ever think about Votar and those that died there?


Grukaak: Fuck Votar and fuck the orcs of Ognir. Votar is dead. Go there and die

J.O: Okay, okay. We'll leave that subject alone then maybe back to something more “close to home” as it were. How do you feel about the current state of Neolysium?

Grukaak: As one of the alliance members that laid claim over Elysium It was great to have somewhere to call our own again. We created a city and made new birthing pits. We were going to not just survive but grow stronger. Then it all went to shit. Everything died fucking clay things came outta the ground. Now not only do we have to fight the losers of the war who come sniffing at our door we now have to fight immortal rock bastards while trying to expand.

J.O: That must have been hard to shallow for your people. The Clay warriors and also the kobolds have been becoming a growing concern. How do Ironclaw plan on dealing with these native nuisances?

Grukaak: Slaughter them all. Crush them over and over again. If they get up crush them again. Put the fear into their bodies that no matter how many times they stand we will be there to massacre them

J.O: I never thought I'd agree with an orc but that is a plan I and I'm sure most of our readers and the other warbands could get behind. Speaking of which. Do you think Ironclaw is often unfairly judged or discriminated against by the others that inhabit Neolysium?


Grukaak: The weak are always fearful of the strong. Orcs are a cleaver, intelligent and cunning race. Under estimate us and you will pay in blood

J.O: Well Grukaak thank you for taking the time to speak with me and I sincerely hope that all goes well for you and your people going forward. Any last words?

Grukaak: Blood for Blood, Victory or Deat