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Games day recap: The Song of the Serpent and the Devils Claw

September 2, 2018

A message went out across the land about a newly erected monetary on Elysium, run by the monks of The Order of the Sleeper. Apparently, they were having some trouble with a certain monster in the area and needed help to sort it out. Upon arrival, those that answered the call were greeted by the Monks, offered food and a place to rest while they told their story. According to the Monks, there was a Snake lady that lived in a cave nearby that went by the name Ophidia, that was slowly killing them all off after a brief misunderstanding and the Monks needed help to get rid of her for good. The Monks then lead the group who were unsure as to what to believe, to the very cave of Ophidia, to confront her. Appearing to the crowd this half snake half human called herself a demi god, and swore that she was only defending herself against the monks that had tried to set her home on fire. The Monks denied the claims and a fight begun. Ophidia turned the monks present to stone with a single spell, smashing the one who led them into nothing but gravel. She let the rest of the gathered crowed go in order for them too find out the truth. The monks were questioned as they pleaded their innocence, offering to aid anyone who may be injured. Ophidia made the same plea, only this time she reanimated the two monks she turned to stone to be her protectors in their new form.


So, the warbands of Elysium began to take sides and look for clues, as a lone Kobald ‘V’ arrived to attack the warbands and follow his own agenda. Many a warband clashed, many were slaughtered by the ferocious V, and a crow Kobald stole everything it could get its talons on, keeping the warbands on their feet. Proteus of the fates was plagued by a sickness and the lady Fate Nyx took him to Ophidia for healing. He was indeed healed but only after first passing into what seemed like a state of death. Ophidia woke the dormant thing inside him, and he began to change. Horns sprouted from his head, hooves at his feet. As the Warbands slowly got closer and closer to the truth about what was happening, they uncovered that the Monks were in fact carrying out experiments on those they were healing and Ophidia was making the odd sacrifice. However, how the war started between them remained a mystery. Eventually Proteus completed his transformation into Bromos, the giant goat Kobald. He was faced by V and offered the two-headed goat hammer for his acceptance into the Kobalds then joined with the Crow. The three Kobalds took the warbands on and began slaughtering them all, Bromos towering above them, unstoppable. V hacking and slashing his way through the masses. The Crow with his bone hammer pummelling anyone who dared flank Bromos. They were unstoppable. Despite their previous differences Ophidia and the monks teamed up with the warbands to try and stop the slaughter.


Bromos, drunk on power, turned on the others, knocking V down, and turning on the Crow as V slinked away unseen. But he dropped his hammer and it wasn’t long before Magus Ecro Morgath of the Dark Horde realized it held the power to bring Bromos down. And so, the goat fell. The fates swooped in, breaking his horns and using every healing power they could get their hands on to bring their Proteus back. They were able to succeed but then the monks and Ophidia played their hand, turning on the few remaining. Luckily, Another member of the Dark Horde had managed to acquire a mirror shield that reflected Qphidia’s powers and she was sent fleeing from the battle, leaving only the monks to take the blame of the whole incident. Only one walked away, Astra of the Order of the Sleeper. Exorcized of her religion she had nowhere to go but to wander the land aimlessly, some say she headed south east, but she would not be seen again for some time.


After all the confusion was over, it was later learnt by only a few, that it had been V the Kobald who had started the feud between Ophidia and the Monks that all the warbands had been brought into. It seemed he was playing a much larger game than anyone realized. 


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