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The Common Neolysium News Network (CNNN) presents: An evening with Meek, Dinner and an interview for two.


Descal: Hello, and welcome to all the warring factions of Neolysium to this, another Common Neolysium News Network segment. I'm Descal the 3rd and recently I got a chance to sit down to dinner and “chew the fat”, as the saying goes, with non-other than Meek, the cook from that treacherous pirate band The Lost. We made a bit of a meal of it, and I believe got our just deserts. Continue below to find out just how the broth turned out…

Descal: So what's on the menu tonight meek?

Meek: Hmm? MMMM!

Descal: Oh really? Surely you don't mean Meeks infamous MMMM mix, that all those who have tasted can't stop raving about? Could you tell us what exactly is in it?

Meek: What’s in it?! Dunno. Think it was Sonnenland...

Descal: An old Sonnenland recipe you say? How did you get your hands on that?

Meek: What? No! It’s Meek’s recipe and Sonnenland is in it! At least I think they are... It could be a mix; Meek didn’t clean her pot from last week...

Descal: …*Cough* I hope it wasn't anyone I knew. That would make things very awkward indeed.

Meek: Probably was. Not just Sonnenland, oh no. Meek’s seen lots of customers, living and not. Care for an... /inside/ scoop? HAH!

Descal: Ummmm, you know what? I ate just before, so I think I’ll go with a hard pass on this one. Now, for those who have been living under a rock and don’t know who you are, could you explain little bit about yourself?

Meek: *disgruntled grumbling* Meek. I cook.

Descal: How descriptive, for those who perhaps haven’t seen you on field before, you seem to get around quite easily despite the fact you have an incredible hunch. Does this in anyway hinder or inconvenience you?




Meek: What? Gary? He’s no bother, no bother at all. He and Meek have been together since Gneiss. Since before Gneiss! If he says anything to you, don’t listen. Full of gossip and harassment claims... As for getting around - heh, getting around - You want to know Meek’s secret?

Descal: Of course, we'd love to hear about this secret of yours.

Meek: Yoga. Meek’s been on boats for a long time and travelled a long way. She learnt ‘yoga’ many years ago and now she stretches every day. Keeps the bones limber.

Descal: And what exactly is it you do with these “limber bones” of yours? How do you spend a typical day?

Meek: Uh... I collect ingredients. Sometimes Kubaftcy Nupe helps and we cook for the crew. When she helps things are easier and Meek makes less mista... improvisations. Meek has bad eyes, see? Can’t see real good.

Descal: Bad eyes? That’s not good, do you find that hampers you on the battlefield much? I’ve heard some people refer to you as the “living whirlwind” with that club of yours.

Meek: Meek can see colour well enough. If it’s not red, it’s dead! Hah!

Descal: Ha indeed. Quite a motto you have there! You mentioned kubaftcy Nupe... I hope I’m saying that correctly... I’ve never heard of this person, is that a family member of yours?

Meek: Ah... I think you call that one Kaito. She’s a custodian. Quite popular if a little demanding at times.

Descal: Custodian? I’ve heard that term before but I’m not 100% on exactly what it means, could you perhaps enlighten those of us who are a little in the dark on the subject?

Meek: Company for hire. Not like the ones itchy sailors flock to. No, she’s classy and selective. And mostly just that, company. Makes good tea.

Descal: Right, I think getting a clearer picture of these “custodians” now. So this... Kaito, she is another member of the Lost is she?

Meek: Yes.

Descal: And you search for ingredients together, and drink tea together also. Would you say most of the Lost are this way? Are you a tight knit group?

Meek: When you sail and fight together for many years, you become more than a crew. You become family. When one is hurt, we all hurt with them. When one dies, part of us dies with them... The Lost are all Meek has left, and I will do whatever it takes to keep them together and smiling.