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The Common Neolysium News Network presents: Killing Time with a Marauder

November 4, 2018

Descal: Hello, and welcome to all the warring factions of Neolysium to this, another Common Neolysium News Network segment. Catching a marauder is very much like catching a wasp. You may be able to get your hands on it, but if you’re not extremely careful you are going to regret ever chasing such a creature. With that in mind please make welcome Velideri from the Everal Marauders who has joined us here today to give us a bit of an insight into how such hardened warriors ended up pirates on the sea, and what their presence on Neolysium means for the other warbands.

good day Velideri, thank you so much for joining us.

Velideri: Greetings Descal, I appreciate the opportunity its not very often a new face sits let alone invites a marauder to talk one on one.

D: I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve heard nothing but good things... from those that have survived meetings with your ilk. Apparently, the food is... excuse the pun... to die for.

V: Ah yes, the food was one of the few things worth bringing with us after the home islands failed us...
Survivors you say? Perhaps that is Bast taunting others again.

D: Your home land failed you? How did they do that?

V: In many ways depending which of the marauders you ask.
In essence the Isles of Everal were in a constant flux of war and peace. Until Everal city hired an army to conquer and unify.

A successful bloody campaign many of the marauders, then warriors took part in.

You forget after peace, warriors are not needed, we were kicked to the glory, no praise.

A failed rebellion on our part, forced us from the protection of a well defended island, and on to other lands in hopes for building something more liveable for ourselves.

D: Is that how you eventually made your way to the shores of Neolysium?

V: We managed to make landfall here before the alliance repulsed our first attempts at forging a new start. Before the Land grew in size and these clay warriors existed. But yes we believe this land may hold a brighter future for us

D: The “alliance” removed you from the island once called Elysium?

V: More or less the crystal barriers they activated forced us off the island.
I imagine they would've been happy to have us gone as we refused to bow to another unification.

D: From what you said about your homeland i can very much see why that scenario wouldn’t be accommodating to you.

So what happened to the Marauders then? I mean we all know you eventually came back to the newly risen Neolysium, but what happened once you left Elysium?

V: Mason ordered us back to the staging island in Everal, to re-evaluate if returning home or returning to Elysium would be more beneficial to the cause. After arriving Dim the original leader presented a number of fresh Pledges and demanded we return to Elysium to continue what was started.



D: So this: “Mason” is the leader of the Marauders?

V: I suppose Mason would be considered the leader by most of the marauders, I for one wouldn't call him my captain... How the other's feel is of no consequence to myself.

D: So there is some decent amongst your ranks?

V: Descal let me ask you, if you were raised in constant conflict and then suddenly forced into a fleet of discarded warriors, bound for uncertainty and the leader you had been following leaves his human rucksack in command, wouldn't you feel some type of way?

D: Well I’m no stranger to fisticuffs and... and ... ruffian behaviour let me inform you! Ha ha!
But yes, I see you point! What about this “Dim” you mentioned before. Is he too a similar... “rucksack” in your opinion?

V: A fighter and newsmen? An interesting life choice.

Dim lead us to conquer to the isles and the rebellion, the one true leader in my eyes. Why he stayed back in the homeland is beyond me, but I never expect to understand the thoughts of someone so calculating... Dim chose Mason to lead in his stead... And I will abide... Despite my disgust in his choice of pseudo leadership.

D: Do the rest of the marauders feel the same as yourself?

V: I speak for myself on Mason's leadership.

I think the majority of others who have had runs in with us, believe us to be similar structure to themselves.
Believing us to be a cohesive force... Which from the outside might look true enough.

We are not, many of us served under Dim, many more of us had their own reasons for leaving the Isles that failed them.
Think of us more as likeminded in purpose, not comradeship.

In the end we wish to build a new home, how the individuals achieve that may cause... Problems

D: So say, for fun sake, that you had indeed claimed Elysium for yourself. How do you envisage that now? Would it have been different from the alliance? Would it have been ... better?

V: Hindsight definitely delivers a clear picture.

All the marauders have known is war.
Perhaps instead of erecting magical barriers to remove others. We might have attempted to forge weapons out of the Crystals and actively welcomed whatever may come.

I believe unifying all parties on Elysium at the time would never have been an option... Considering what we fight for.

But hiding behind barriers and starving the land, would never have happened under a new Everal leadership

D: So you believe it is the barriers that cause the issue with the crops not producing anything?

V: We were there when the barriers were activated. they may have kept us out, but we did notice the lack of growth inside their safe heavens, so I imagine the barriers would have some part to play in that

D: So I’m assuming you don’t think too highly of those that chose that path?

V: Back then, hiding after conquering I would happily look down upon them.

After our return we've been forced into using a barrier ourselves due to the clay warrior menace.



D: Tell us more about your barrier. I’m not asking about weakness or such, but more so about what it is. I’ve seen the difference in barriers across this country from one warband to another. What defines your protection in this land?

V: Ah the barrier...
I can't say I understand too much about it.
Due to our lack of magically inclined persons. We had to seek aid from Morgath of the Darkhorde to activate our barrier. It currently provides a bubble of security around Tawā our floating home. As I understand it, only ships that were docked in Tawā at the time are able to pass freely back and forth...although we have noticed ships constructed inside the barrier happen to be able to pass freely as well.

D: So side stepping a little here, but did you say: “floating home” of... Tawā... am I pronouncing that correctly?

V: That would be correct. After our last attempt at landfall, we decided maybe staying sea bound would be a smarter choice. On top of the few forward bases we attempted falling victim to clay warriors staying sea bound made itself the obvious choice

D: So how exactly is it in this crazy war-torn land do you manage to... ‘stay afloat’? Hehe excuse the pun!

V: Are you asking me how ships work?
Or are you asking me how our ship works?

Because those are entirely different questions... That I believe I can only half explain the answer too.

Or are you asking us how we survive? Which is clearly better food.

D: Well by nature most two legged creatures are land dwellers, but your saying you have managed to create a home “floating” on the sea. I’m curious just what kind of life that provides and how it perhaps differs to all those with their feet planted on the ground.

V: Well we have been sea faring for the better part of 5 years.
Tawā is rather unique outside of the fact it’s a floating home. We don't suffer from "sea legs" anymore, I put that down to the barrier and the size of Tawā making the ebb n flow of the tides a non-issue.
So keep in mind, Tawā hasn't been used to sail, only as our home. So, if it functions as a real ship is still to be seen.

It does make a lot of sense for us to appear on land, achieve what we set out to and return back to Tawā. As generally we do not like to be pinned down in long engagements.

D: So, I think I’m getting a general idea about this, but are you saying you have like, a town which floats on the water? Or is it more like a series of boats tied together?

V: Originally, we had a series of boats.
After an earlier deal Mason set up with Alderbark we were provided with "blessed wood" I believe.

We then built a large turtle ship...things then got... interesting with all the different types of magic involved. Darkhorde spells, Alderbark wood, the crystal.
It's definitely more of a village now.

D: Wow, that sounds like quite the sight to behold. Very much a home away from... well what used to be home? Or is it more of a military staging ground designed to help you with your adventures here on Neolysium?

V: A lot of both.
It functions as a defendable safe heaven.
We live here, but we are always prepared to repel all boarders.

D: Sounds like quite the place, honestly i would love to see it firsthand someday of the chance ever came around!

So I’m assuming most you your diets consist of fish and other aquatic life, haw do you deal with the certain health concerns that often accompany a life and diet at sea?

V: Perhaps I could get you on board. Due to the nature of the ship, you'd need a guide. Maybe in the future.

We have a few scattered farms slightly inland vegetables and the like mostly things that don't require constant attention we don't need to lose people to clay warriors regularly. To offset the mainly fish diet we do bring back whatever land based animals we can safely make do with on our visits to the farms or on the way back from a scouting mission perhaps.

D: Seems like you have all the basics well and truly covered.

So moving on somewhat, how do you feel about the other warbands that are currently here on Neolysium?

V: Supply lines are important regardless of circumstance.

The others, yes.
Well we have open trade with Darkhorde due to them activating our crystal.

We have been having a lot more contact with the... The Lost of late. I find them to be very different despite us both being labelled as pirates I suppose that boils down to home cultures.

We have been known to seen with the Wolves very violent people they are, usually it's great fun until they get bored and you have to watch your own back.

We have our dealings with Alderbark although of late Mason can't confirm if they are allies or not.

As for the others, I don't see them enough outside of the blood spilled when we meet on the field

D: Any particular grudges you hold, or that you feel held against you and yours?

V: I feel grudges are held by those who can't protect themselves, so although the original alliance may have removed us from the island, since returning even they are not a threat.

I don't dwell on what others may think of us.

All I know is in the current power struggle for the Crystals we are not to laughed at.

D: Indeed not. It seems the marauder really do live up to their moniker.

I’m curious, if I’m not over stepping, if the Everal Marauders were to rise above the others warbands, and hold dominance over the crystals and Neolysium, what would it become? What future do you invasion for this continent?

V: My vision would be to use Neolysium as a staging ground to lead a rebellion back home that would succeed. If that lines up with the others ideals I'm not sure. But I would like to return home one day



D: A rebellion in the works hey? None more dramatic than those fighting the powers that be!

So lastly before we wrap this very educational interview up. How do you and the other Marauders feel about these new ‘head of schools’ Characters that seems to have shown up?

V: Well for myself at least. I'm sure others would follow.

I believe we participated in the Generals fighting school tournament. As well as the rather nice gentleman talking about the native creatures of the land.

So whether we pursue other teachers would fall upon mason I assume.

D: Ah Nuala and Mestipen, yes, I’ve already heard so much about them. One is said to be almost angelic? Is that the case?

V: Lt. General Nuala I believe?
I would agree with the near angelic in a bat