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April 22, 2019

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The Elysian Crystals of Neolysium

March 10, 2019




The Elysian Crystals


Named after the land they were found on before the great rising, Elysian crystals can now be created from ore found across the entire continent of Neolysium. But only on this land, nowhere else.


Sourced and mined from shallow veins that seem to produce ore at a steady rate, it is collected and refined into shards, which can be combined and further refined into crystals.


Ore is unstable in nature with no two pieces being the same. Some bits carry quite a lot of magical power while others only a small amount. To refine ore into an Elysian shard is never an exact science, thus the amount of ore needed to make one shard is always different.


Shards are a much more stable and reliable vessel of power. Once shards have been created/obtained, it will always take five (5) Elysian shards to be refined into one (1) Elysian crystal.


These shards and crystals hold great power in heightening the effects of magics in the land. Healing and spells become far more powerful in the presence of these minerals, however they seem to lose their power once taken from Neolysiums shores, holding less and less of their enhancing effects as you travel further from the continent.


They are generally of a shiny purple colour in all their arrangements. Such as:



Elysian Ore:


  • Light in weight with a bulbous shape in ore form.



  • Seems to produce regularly from shallow veins found throughout Neolysium.

  • Unstable in nature, some contain a lot of magical power, while others only a little bit.

  • Can be found scattered around Neolysium’s lands

  • Can be traded as currency.

  • Can be refined into making: Elysian Shards





Elysian Shards:


  • Slim, sturdy and sharp to the touch in shard form. 




  • The result of collecting and refining an undefined amount of Elysian Ore.

  • Can be used to purchase powerful enhancements called “Perks’. (found in: The Warsong rule manual)

  • Can be traded as currency.

  • Can be refined into making: Elysian crystals






Elysian Crystals:


  • Slim, pointy and sparkly in their Crystal form.




  • The Most powerful and stable source of magic enhancement fond on Neolysium.

  • Powers the Elysian barriers around warband Territories.

  • Can be traded as currency.


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