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The Nightfall Curse

April 22, 2019


The Nightfall Curse


“When the sun sets, and the skies darken the Nightfall curse is set loose upon the land.

Sheath your weapons away, don’t stray too far from the light and warn your warband.

It creeps in the darkness looking for prey, it doesn’t take side or show mercy at all,

Draw your weapon, or another’s blood and you will fall victim to the curse of the Nightfall.”



Stories, myths, legends and old folk tales. No one is sure where the tale started but it didn’t take long for knowledge of The Nightfall Curse to spread across the land:


“Once the sun has set, anyone found outside the protection of the light brandishing a weapon or engaging in combat would fall victim to this hex. Making it impossible to hold a weapon of any kind or their very life force would be sucked from their bodies.”


It seemed unlikely at first, but sure enough the stories started to come in, someone knew someone who’s relative had been cursed, picked up a weapon and instantly dropped dead. The more stories that came in, the more the Nightfall curse was proven to be a very real, very serious threat to anyone on Neolysium’s shores.




To ensure safety at The Warsong: LARP Brisbane overnight events is kept to the highest of standards, there will be a “no fighting” rule enforced across the event grounds once “weapons down” is called. With the exception of a few designated and marshalled areas:


  • any player found to be wielding/brandishing a weapon after the announced “weapons down” time, will face a debuff for themselves for the night and the next day.


  • Players found to be engaging in combat outside designated areas, or ignoring the imposed debuff of their persons will be considered in breach of not only The Warsong rule set, but also the code of conduct and will face the processes clearly laid out in those stated documents.


Area’s will be clearly marked and announced where and when it is okay to use weapons and participate in combat after “weapons down” has been called




At a certain time during and event as the receding light makes it no longer safe for combat to take place, marshals will call: “Weapons down.” From this point on:


  • all weapons must be sheathed, or left “out of play”, until the start of the event the next day.


  • Players are then free to take part in all the events going on throughout the night, and continue their characters adventures.


  • There will be clearly marked out areas, within the well-lit site that will be specifically for certain combat events with marshals to oversee them.


  • Players can organize to run their own combat style events within these areas if they wish, as long as they have prearranged with admin to do so.


Any player who is found to be brandishing a weapon, or participating in combat once “weapons down” has been called will be affected by a “no weapon” debuff, effective immediately, and that will carry over into the next day. “No weapon” means:


  •  any player affected by this debuff is incapable of carrying a weapon of any kind, or their HP will instantly drop to zero. This includes weapons in pockets, sheaths or bags they are carrying.


To remove the “No weapons” debuff, the player will need to discover and complete a series of tasks the following day, at which point they will be informed by marshals that they can once again carry weapons without consequence. If the player does not complete these tasks by the end of the event Sunday, the debuff is removed once the game is called off. (or it can continue if you wish to take on that role play aspect of the game. But it will no longer be enforced by admin or marshals)


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