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Common Nelysium News Network Presents: Roots in the dirt, Leaves in the wind, the mother of nature: Forest Spirit Lyssa

July 3, 2019

Descal: Hello, and welcome to all the warring factions of Neolysium to this, another Common Neolysium News Network segment. Tonight, we have a very special guest, that hopes to get us more in touch with our animal side and return to nature. It’s the deity that the Kobolds themselves worship, the daughter of Mother Nature and the forest spirit that calls Neolysium home. The head of the school of flora, the reborn, revamped, and rejuvenated: Lyssa.


Descal: Welcome your... um I’m at a loss, what is your preferred title?


Lyssa: Just Lyssa is fine, my dear


Descal: Okay, Lyssa it is. For those of our readers that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, but perhaps want to, what should they look out for? How would you describe yourself?


Lyssa: Well, my most obvious physical trait would be the crown of blossoms perched on my head. I'm in my autumn phase at the moment, so they are not as vibrant as they would be in spring.


Descal: Still such a beautiful crown did you make... er... grow it yourself?


Lyssa: Of course. It is the sign of Lyssa. Each host body has grown her own once my essence has entered her form.


Descal: Interesting, now you say “host body” for those of our readers that may not be aware, you are a spirit of some form that had co-opted a human form?


Lyssa: Yes. I share the body of a willing bipedal host, which enables me to walk among you all in this plane of existence.


Descal: Fascinating, so you are not the form we see, but instead an entity controlling this form?


Lyssa: I suppose you could say that. But a lot of the more obscure physical traits you see are a part of Lyssa, not Rosemary


Descal: Ah, that makes sense, and this Rosemary, she was the person who willingly became your host?


Lyssa: She was, yes. The Lost may know her better as Thyme, as she became good friends with them before offering herself to me. She says she misses them and thanks them for their friendship


Descal: So she is still... sentient(?) inside your body? Still aware of what is happening to them?


Lyssa: She's not sentient, per say. But I do feel her moods, sometimes. Unfortunately, she has started to become not as strong as time goes on, but some of her final thoughts were of her friends in the Lost, so that is a strong connection for her.


Descal: So she is... dying? Inside of you?


Lyssa: No, no. Her mind, her personality is becoming more dormant, I suppose.


Descal: So, if you were to vacate the host for any reasons, she would take control again?


Lyssa: I don't know. The last time someone tried to remove me from my host, I was forcibly exorcised, brought back with diminished health then stabbed with an antler... I wouldn't want to try that again, would you?


Descal: Absolutely not, that sounds horrible. Why would anyone want to stab you with an antler?


Lyssa: Granted, it was part of the ritual to transfer me into a stronger host body...


Descal: Oh I see, not a very pleasant ritual by the sounds of it, must you go through that sort of torment every time you transfer your consciousness?


Lyssa: I don't like transferring my consciousness. If I can find one strong host body, I'd prefer to stay as long as I can.


Descal: Especially if you have to go through such extreme measures. I completely understand. So, are you happy in your new form?


Lyssa: I am, yes.


Descal: And who wouldn’t with a form like that! Ha.


Lyssa: Oh, you flatter me.


Descal: So, lets talk: Neolysium, any reason you and the form you have chosen have decided to make this place your new home?


Lyssa: There are many new beings that have come to explore this land. I have come back to this plane to learn about them, learn from them, and, as you stated in your introduction, teach them what I can about the natural world around us. Neolysium is as new to me as it is to you.


Descal: how benevolent of you, may I ask about the specifics of what you might be willing to teach potential students?


Lyssa: I shall be teaching those who want to be taught how to harness the power of nature into healing magics


Descal: Healing Magic’s? Through nature? Would that be through herbal remedies, or more ... “forest spirit” type powers?


Lyssa: Perhaps both... who knows?


Descal: Does that mean you’re not willing to share some of the abilities you may be able to teach with our readers? Not even a small hint?


Lyssa: Let's just say, the skills you will learn will be of great benefit to yourself and your warband


Descal: Keeping things close to your chest hey? I’m sure that will pique quite a lot of interest amongst the warbands. So, they say you are the “God of the Kobalds” how much truth is there in that?


Lyssa: In a way, that is an accurate term. However, I didn't create them by design, like some other deities are claimed to have done. Once a kobold has accepted their more animal instincts, they allow my spirit inside of them, and my power helps them to become what they are meant to be.


Descal: So, your saying even before they accept your ... “spirit” inside of them, they are already

Kobalds? Does that mean that there are Kobalds walking amongst us, who just look human?


Lyssa: You could say that, yes


Descal: So, can someone who was born as a human, ever be turned into a Kobald? Or must you be born as a Kobald and then take your spirit inside of them?


Lyssa: Yes. But those born kobold are already in tune with their animal side


Descal: Riiiight. So, it seems to me, that a big part of becoming a Kobald is accepting your spirit into them, do you then dictate which animal they choose to become?


Lyssa: No, each person takes on the form of the animal that they most relate to. What you may call a spirit animal. Whichever they are most akin too, that is the form they choose to take.


Descal: Proud as a lion, they may then become one?


Lyssa: Cunning as a fox, gentle as a lamb, as wise as an owl...


Descal: How interesting. Can you see into people and predict the type of animal they will become? Or is it as much a surprise to you as it is to them?


Lyssa: A bit of both. Their human self can show similarities to an animal, but that could be a façade, a mask per say. Their final form is their true self.


Descal: So, while we are on the topics of Kobalds, I’ve heard rumours of decent among them. Is it true that you have lost some of your followers?


Lyssa: My children have free will. They are free to choose a life they want. I wouldn't call them "followers", but yes, some of my children have become disheartened and have chosen to follow a different path


Descal: Do you know why it is they have chosen this different path?


Lyssa: My children have not had good experiences with humans, elves, orcs, though I find you all fascinating. And the fact that I am wanting to teach you all hasn't sat well with some of my children. They don't understand the mutual benefits there could be from this endeavour.


Descal: Your saying that some of them are not willing to look beyond past differences to work towards a common goal?


Lyssa: That seems to be the case, indeed


Descal: What do you plan to do about this... revolt?


Lyssa: I'm hoping they will see sense before anymore needless killing occurs. But they all ha