To get the most out of your LARPing experience, it is recommended that you join a warband. This list may help you to decide where your character belongs. To join a warband, visit our facebook group to get in contact with the leader of your warband of choice.

The Grey

The Grey

New Player Warband

People from all over come to Neolysium for many reasons. Perhaps escaping persecution or incarceration from their homeland. Perhaps exploring the world or sold by slavers. What ever the reason, they have arrived on Neolysium's shores and decided that the warbands currently fighting over this land, do not deserve it. Fighting for the people and for the land to be free from the control of any other nation, the nomadic grey can be found in almost every battle attempting to stop any one army from achieving victory. Some fight for freedom. Some wrestle to keep control out of the hands of the greedy and corrupt. Some employ guerilla warfare to spread anarchy and disorder. For what ever reason they fight, they resist to capitulate to the invading forces. This land should remain free for all, and controlled by none.

All new players start in the grey to acclimatize to just how the games at The Warsong: LARP Brisbane work. From there they can choose to keep their individual character and stay in the grey or sign up with another warband conforming to their costume standards and back story requirements.

Minimum Costuming Standards: Grey or Black long pants (not jeans or cargos), Grey or black shirt or tunic (free from logos and modern patterns), plain, closed in shoes. 

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Active Warbands

These warbands are currently active at our weekly events and gamedays. They are strong in numbers and a force to be reckoned with

The Holy Inquisition of Saint Ademius

Main Colours: Red and Blue

Centuries ago in the holy land of Rolen, blessings from their god became weaker and weaker, until eventually stopping altogether. With society on the brink of collapse, High Priest Ademius nominated to undertake a sacred pilgrimage in which to commune with the now silent god, and ask why he had forsake their people. Ademius sought to discover holy artifacts, with each artifact bestowing greater holy power and wisdom to him until eventually, he rose to the power of godhood himself. Using his newfound power, he discovered that the god of Rolen did not forsake them at all, but was dead. Ademius revealed this truth to the people of Rolen, blaming the death of their god on the unfaithful and heretics.

Led by the revered Inquisitor Ferdnando, The Holy Inquisition of Saint Ademius is the sword of god himself. These devout men and women are tasked with the unending duty of spreading the teaching of St. Ademius, and to bring death to those who would be deemed a heretic.

"The Holy Inquisition of Saint Ademius" is a warband with themes based on 16th Century Spanish Inquisition & Conquistadors, with emphasis on having high costuming standards and a rich lore to develop future roleplay and character development.

For more information, please contact Benjamin Lamb

The Forsaken

Main Colours: Turquoise and Gold

Led by the enigmatic skeleton king, the Forsaken fight to attain their leader a throne, at all costs. After fleeing their Homeland of Kallaix, the King, his twin sister and their closest allies have set their sights on Neolysium. Their army of
Homunculi, reanimated people built with magic and Alchemy, carry within them the souls of an ancient time, given a second chance to prove their worth, spend a life in service, and attain the afterlife.

Our warband theme is inspired by Egyptian mythological elements and are aesthetically reminiscent of Ancient Egypt.
Examples of these being outfits inspired by Egyptian gods, Mummies, Demons and other Egyptian mythical creatures. In paying homage to such a definitive culture, where animals played heavily into their everyday aesthetic, we encourage animal elements, inspired by specific creatures present in Egyptian
Legend (eg. Shaped Helmets, specific leather textures).
Minimum standards: Predominately Turquoise Kalasiris or Egyptian Tunic, Turquoise Harem Pants or Flowing Skirt, Minimum of 1 medium sized, gold armour piece, or 4 Golden accent pieces, e.g. jewellery, face paint
Furs to be spotted animal print.
Tourers to have warband mark on face

For more information, please contact Luke Calcino or Justine Moroney 

Everal Maraurders

Main Colours: Dark Purple and Black

Returning to Neoelyisum the “Everal Marauders” seek two purposes. The original goal of rebuilding an empire in the ideals of the displaced Marauders. One where combat and warriors are honoured instead of discarded. The new goal, to bring all who banished them from Elysium to their knees. They may be pirates to the various onlookers, But they were bloodthirsty warmongers first and the Marauders are more than Happy to bring their Martial powers to Bear.

Sengoku period woku themed warband.

For more information, contact Matt Kennedy or Michael Bannah

The Duchy of Mayfeld

Main Colours: Green and White

After the usurping of Duke hulton and Dutchess yvette in their absence by greedy lords from their homeland of Waterford, the expeditionary forces and followers of the Duke have fled to a new country to establish the Dutchy Of Mayfeld. With attacks from locals, orcs and other beasts, they are using their established place of Cantabury on Neolysium as a base of operations to ship resources and research for the building of Mayfeld and to fend off invaders from its new found borders. With the shattering of the Dukes court he is determined to rebuild a close network of Lords, Academics, Knights, Hunters and Clergymen as both advisers and friends.


Costuming: 14th - 15th century english set within the 100 years war, bocksten tunics, houpplelande, cotehardies, chausses and more!

For more information, contact  Jodie Tansley

The Wolves of Carpathia

Main Colours: Navy, Burgundy

In a place as grim and forbidding as Carpathia, only the mighty and wise will survive. Most warriors of that
frozen land fight for the four Holds, but there are those driven to leave their old lives behind. Outcasts all;
they are widows, criminals, the impure, the disgraced. They seek now glory, wealth, and the honour of a
warrior's death - they become the mercenaries that Carpathians know as Wolves.
The Wolves had grown strong trading in steel and blood on Carpathian soil, until the south winds brought
tidings of a new land, Elysium, ripe for plunder. Earl Ivar of Rusgard led a force to those shores, where they
fought many battles against those vying for Elysium’s treasures. Others won the day, driving the Wolves
back to their longships and the raider’s life.
Now, five years on, fertile grounds have emerged from beneath the sea, creating Neolysium. The Wolves
have returned, with a thirst for both vengeance and gold. So, Carpathian - take up a blade! Armour yourself
with the will of the Gods, stand fast on the ground of tradition, and fight gloriously for the passage to
Valhalla. We are the Wolves of Carpathia!
Warband Theme:​ Viking Age (8th to 11th C) Rus Mercenaries

For more information, contact Pat Hudson


Main Colours: Hangover Green, Brown

The orcs, goblins and trolls of Ironclaw are a chaotic warband that are made up of the strongest, most cunning, sly, or brutish of their tribes. Most hail from a distant dying land known as Votar. Others come from their own lands having heard of the ferocity and strength of Ironclaw and their conquest of the land called Elysium.
As one of the 3 dominant warbands that occupy the central plateau of the land, Ironclaw now delves into the industry of war, smoke rises from forges and the main settlement rings with the beating of steel, to strengthen their warriors against enemies. Ironclaw are still a nomadic and shamanistic tribe, and are hunters and warriors by nature, Ironclaw respect those of strength, meaning power struggles for dominance occur often. The Ironclaw Shamans regularly perform rituals to commune with the gods to imbue power and heal wounds. Respect the power of the Gods Rogtar, Gajutar, Shatraug and fear the name of Ognir.
The new orcs, goblins and trolls must first pass the challenges set before them in the arena below the plateau before the Iron Council will look their way.

Minimum kit standards for anything other than a slave require a full latex mask or a suitable equivalent. EG: Full face helms, skull masks, facial prosthetics, headdresses/veils including facial covering.
Soft kit standards are brown or black clothing, worn/weathered and patched to look rough and raggedy, mixed with leather and furs.
We will provide a guide and offer help with kit.

For more information, contact Bec Van Cooten


Main Colours: Black, Silver, Red

Darklore came under siege roughly 300 years ago by demons, beasts and creatures of ungodly nature. This occured due to the Lorians being sieged and fighting among themselves, resulting in sacred shrines holding back these evil powers being destroyed. Now, the Lorians fight for their homeland in hopes to reclaim what has been lost. They are struggling in this effort and had to seek new alternatives. They wished to leave Darklore to find new land but couldn’t by the laws of their Dark Lord. The only way to leave was to become banished. They studied the dark arts and were swiftly banished from their homeland. They found Elysium after some time on the seas. After many great fights and battles among great enemies and newly found allies, the Lorians left Elysium. 5 years later they returned at news of the raising of land and decided to once again, attempted to claim land so they can safely bring the rest of the Lorians over from Darklore. The Dark Lord lifted their banishment after seeing the great efforts they put into trying to help their people and allowed them to roam freely to continue this work.


Darkhorde are a group of Chaotic Good Necromancers (Lorians) that specialise in different styles of combat with a large focus on shield and team work.


Their armour is made from the black skinned demons of their homeland and decorated in a gothic style to give off an intimidating appearance, adorned with silver studs/trim.

Their soft kit is comprised of black hooded robes with a silver trim, the higher ranking members having red. Tainted by the dark arts, their eyes continue to bleed the blackened necrotic ooze.

For more information, contact Ben McGrory

The Lost

Main Colours: Red, Grey, Secondary Cream

Escaping the mighty empire of Gneiss and its imposed class structure on the continent of Rhomb, Tinker, the alchemist turned outlaw, brought this motely crew together to form The Lost. A group of cut throats, rogues, street rats and outcasts who became the pirates that landed on Elysium’s shores. Through the science of alchemy, the back-alley trade of unsavoury goods and information, and the occasional tavern burning, they fought long and hard in the War for Elysium. However, after being rudely ejected from the island, and having to burn all they left behind, The Lost have found their second chance with Neolysium, and intend to make sure this time they are here to stay. They have become a close knit family of lost souls who have found their place together, sometimes squabbling amongst themselves, but always watching each other’s backs. As a combat team the lost focus on hit and run tactics, flanking, or providing surgical strikes with quick retreats, even sneaking in behind enemy lines to cause disruption in opposing forces. With a heavy emphasis on role play, there is always a scheme running through the ranks, or some plot for gain playing out with discussions and diplomacy.


Uniform: Cross between Roman armour and Turkish and Barbary soft kit.

For more information, contact  Kurt Longland or Aidan Musumeci


Main Colours: Yellow, Black, Secondary: Red

Welcome to the 16th century German Landsknecht inspired company from the great Barony of Sonnenland. From starting their journey on Elysium to honour the ruling Baroness of their nation, they now operate as an independent mercenary company after claiming a substantial part of the island of Elysium under the banner of the sun and gaining their freedom from the growing wrath of their ruler.

With many specialities such as Scharfschuze, Pikenier, and Doppelsoldner and with the aid of their Clerics and Mages running under the Holy Church of Sonnenland, the company find themselves being hired night after night as a support network for others on the new land of Neolysium, very much earning their keep. 

The Sonnish soldiers have opportunities to prove their worth to their Officers and Captain and have a chance to grade up through the ranks, starting from a Rekrut and building up to a Hauptmann. They pride themselves on their lined formations, pike walls, tactical patience, pistol fortifications, and outrageous landsknecht clothing.

Take up your place within the ranks of the great company of Sonnenland to sing and fight alongside your comrades with might and honour under the banner of the shining sun. Hail Sonnenland!

We have a heavy focus on roleplay, costuming standards, teamwork, and tactics. We welcome tourers with our loaner kit and weapons available to you.

For more information, contact Gemma Heidemann 

The Wrenborn

Main Colours: Blue, Light Grey

After fleeing their desolate homeland, Clan Wrenborn fight for the freedom to have a good time on their own terms. This raucous band of pre-1600s, tavern-dwelling Celts will let nothing stand between them and a full tankard of ale. The tavern is home to a wide variety of magical fae creatures from our homeland of Baile.


Choose your race, pick your occupation, and make a name for yourself as we fight for our place in this strange land.


Soft kit is 15th-16th century Celtic garb. Light and Medium armoured skirmish force. 

For more information, contact Jayden Balm

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NPC Warbands

NPCs are Non Playable Characters who assist stories to move forward on Game Days. These are the current warbands registered as NPC Warbands with Warsong.

The Kobalds

Kobalds are awakened from all walks of life, they often bear the colours of their former allegiances, or may have shunned these colours entirely.

Kobalds are awakened from all walks of life, they often bear the colours of their former allegiances, or may have shunned these colours entirely. People from every nation feel it inside themselves. That animalistic instinct. That drive to head back to nature and a simpler time. The Kobalds are those who have “awakened” this gift within themselves. Changing over time, some overnight while others take decades, each Kobald takes on more and more of the animalistic traits inside themselves. Shunned by most, or miscategorised as simple savage werewolves and beast men, the Kobalds have fled their former homes, finding their way to Neolysium, where the call of Lyssa, the forest spirit, was strongest. Blaming the non-kobalds for Veneniums eventual poisoning, they employ powerfull guerilla tactics to destabalize the other warbands and drive them from this new paradise. Under the rule of King Stroth, a giant stagg who acts on behalf of their god Lyssa, the Kobalds seek to clense Neolysium of all who have not awakened and save this new paradise from falling to the same fate as Venenium did.


Uniform/style/theme: All Kobalds are required to look animalistic, in as realistic a manner as possible. That can include full latex monster masks to face paint and prosthetics. Lean towards a more tribal look for clothes, but the animal that each person is representing must be clear.

For more information, or to ask about playing a Kobald NPC, contact Richie Kerr or Lynette Budd

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